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Get Your Questions Answered

When is your wedding season?

We book weddings from June through mid October.

Is there
indoor plumbing?

Yes; the grainery houses both men’s and women’s restrooms. 

Do you book multiple weddings a weekend?

1 wedding is booked per weekend, so we can devote our time and energy to our couples.  

What is the seating capacity of the barn?

The barn can seat approximately 200 guests, depending on the table arrangements. 

Is there heating & a/c?

The bridal suite is heated and air conditioned; the barn is not. With the open building, fans provide nice air flow throughout. 

How many chairs do you have?

We have about 400 chairs; some are designated inside, some outside. 


Is there parking?

Yes; we have a fully lighted parking lot and an additional handicapped spot near the barn. 

When is check in and check out?

Friday at noon to Sunday at noon.  

Is there lodging nearby?

There is lodging in Hawley, as well as Moorhead, which is a short drive from the Barn. 

What are the barn dimensions?

65x35 feet

Who is the main contact person?

Ask for Cheryl. 

Is a licensed caterer also 
required for dessert?

No; a caterer is not required for desserts. 

Is the venue a convenient location?

We are conveniently located between the Fargo-Moorhead area and the Twin Cities. Our venue is easy to find and close to many amenities.

Is there a backup space in case of rain?

In case of adverse weather, the barn may be used for the ceremony. 

Didn't see your question? Contact Cheryl. 

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